Timo Mueller has worked as a field researcher in Goma for the Enough Project, providing facts and analysis on the political security situation in Congo. Prior to joining the Enough Project, Timo gained experience in U.N. advocacy with the International Crisis Group and public outreach with Human Rights Watch. Previously, Timo was based in Liberia with the American Refugee Committee, where he helped construct emergency shelters for 2,500 Ivorian refugees.

Timo became passionate about human rights in his adolescence. Right after high school, he embarked on a solo charity cycling trip to raise awareness for human rights. Over 420 days, he covered 21,000 kilometers, crossing through fifteen countries, to raise 21,000 Euros in pledges for Amnesty International.

Timo holds a M.A. in International Affairs from The New School and a B.A. with distinction in Liberal Arts and Sciences from Maastricht University. He speaks French and intermediate Swahili.

Skype: tmueller2012 | Twitter: @muellertimo



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