Media apperances


  • UN Mission Chief Calls for ‘Pact’ With DRC Government (12 March 2015, Voice of America)
  • Cooper mining in the crossfire as DRC vote approaches (Monitor Global Outlook, 9 March 2015)
  • Conflict ahead for DRC’s ‘conflict free’ supply chains (Monitor Global Outlook, 6 March 2015)
  • Why the UN is planning fresh military offensive in Congo: briefing (15 January 2015, Christian Science Monitor)
  • African rivalries weaken U.N. hand against rebels in Congo (22 October 2014, Reuters)
  • Rwanda, DRC ease tensions over border trade (11 July 2014, Voice of America)
  • Ugandan Rebel Group Remains a Mystery 20 Years on (2 July 2014, Voice of America)
  • Briefing: DDR in eastern DRC – try, try again (4 March 2014, IRIN News)
  • In Eastern Congo, Complex Conflicts And High-Stakes Diplomacy (6 February 2014, NPR).
  • Congo-Kinshasa: Peace Process Accelerates in Eastern DRC (9 December 2013, Voice of America)
  • Can defeat of M23 rebels foster sustained peace in Congo? (8 November 2013, Christian Science Monitor)
  • Congo Rebels, After Giving Up Struggle, Are Disarmed (7 November 2013, New York Times)
  • Profile: Sultani Makenga, DR Congo’s M23 rebel leader (7 November 2013, BBC)
  • After Congo rebels end fight, challenges remain (7 November 2013, Associated Press)
  • U.N. fights for peace in Congo (3 November, Washington Post)
  • Success against Congo rebels may signal sea change in peacekeeping (2 November, Los Angeles Times)
  • Briefing: Armed groups in eastern DRC (31 October 2013, IRIN)
  • M23 rebels in Congo: What a difference a year makes (30 October 2013, Global Post)
  • With Rebels Weakened, Congo Army Makes Gains (30 October 2013, Associated Press)
  • Congo army makes inroads against weakened rebels (29 October 2013, by Associated Press; in Yahoo News, Salon)
  • UN’s Mary Robinson in Goma after surge in DRC fighting (3 September 2013, RFI English)
  • UN peacekeeper killed in eastern Congo fighting (28 August 2013, by Associated Press, in Washington Post, Boston Globe, Huffington Post, NBC, Salon, and News 24)
  • Can the DRC army stop abusing human rights? (12 August 2013, IRIN)
  • Briefing: North Kivu sees fresh clashes as peace talks stall in Kampala (18 July, IRIN)
  • Analysts: Rwandan Support for Congo’s Rebels Waning (1 July 2013, Voice of America)
  • UN Affirms Commitment to Fighting Rwandan Rebels in Congo (29 May 2013, Voice of America)
  • M23 rebels oppose UN intervention brigade in DRC (12 April 2013, CNTV English)
  • Congo’s Most Powerful Rebel Speaks (26 April 2013, Real Clear World)


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