• A report, open letter, and policy alert, urging authorities to implement without further delay a viable and effective disarmament strategy for rebels.
  • Studies on several armed groups, including ADF and FDLR (here, here)
  • Overview of 28 armed groups in eastern Congo and analysis of the networks of the M23 rebel group and Congolese army.
  • Live-reporting on the fighting between M23 and the army last year (here, here, here, here).
  • A one-on-one conversation with ex-M23 rebel leader Sultani Makenga.


Peacekeepers in Congo: Changing the Mandate (African Arguments, 16 March 2015). Later cited in Political Violence @ a Glance.

MONUSCO: Kobler’s likely departure signals post-FIB era for peacekeeping in Congo (African Arguments, February 2015). Later cited by Political Violence @ a Glance.


The Impact of Dodd-Frank and Conflict Minerals Reforms on Eastern Congo’s War (Enough Project, w/Timo Mueller & SashaLezhnev, 10 June 2014). The report was later cited in BBC‘s “DR Congo minerals: Most mines ‘conflict free’ since US law” (10 June 2014); Guardian‘s “Congo mines no longer in grip of warlords and militias, says report” (11 June 2014); Die Zeit‘s “Das Kongo Dilemma” (12 Juni 2014), Washington Post‘s “Is the news about Congo’s conflict minerals good”? (18 June 2014), Think Africa  Press‘ “Eastern DRC: Stop fixating on conflict minerals” (23 June 2014), and Washington Post‘s “Does big business build peace?” (29 September 2014), Foreign Policy‘s “How Dodd-Frank is failing Congo” (2 February 2015).

Congo-Kinshasa: Minova’s rape acquittals reveal lessons for Congo (AllAfrica, w/ Holly Dranginis, 20 May 2014).

Crafting a viable DDR strategy for Congo (Enough Project, w/ Aaron Hall &Timo Mueller, 27 February 2014). The report was later cited in IRIN News’ “Briefing: DDR in eastern DRC – try, try again” (4 March 2014), and Jeune Afrique‘s “RDC: tout reste à faire pour démobiliser les rebelles” (16 April 2014).

After M23, it is time to focus on DR Congo’s FDLR rebels (The Monitor, 5 February 2014)

Clouds over Congo’s progress (Enough Project, w/ Fidel Bafilemba, 23 January 2014).


Taking back eastern Congo: Comprehensively addressing the FDLR and M23 rebel groups (Enough Project, w/Timo Mueller, 28 October 2013). The report was later cited in Washington Post’s U.N. fights for peace in Congo (3 November), and The Social Science Research Council’s “FDLR: Past, Present, and Policies” (March 2014) written by the DR Congo Affinity Group.

Infographic: The Networks of eastern Congo’s two most powerful armed actors (Enough Project, w/ Timo Mueller, 2 August 2013).

Table of 28 armed groups in eastern Congo (Enough Project, w/Timo Mueller, 2 August 2013). The table was later cited in IRIN‘s “Briefing: Armed groups in eastern DRC” (31 October 2013), Congo Tales, Doctors without Borders‘ special report “Everyday Emergency: Silent Suffering in Democratic Republic of Congo” (4 March 2014), and the Social Science Research Council’s “FDLR: Past, Present, and Policies” (March 2014) written by the DR Congo Affinity Group, International Peace Support Network Training Centre‘s “Impact of the UN Force Intervention Brigade Operations on the Eastern DRC,” and Ecole de Guerre Economique‘s “Stratégies d’inuences autour des ressources minières -Cuivre, Cobalt, Coltan- dans l’Est de la République Démocratique du Congo.”


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